Frequently asked questions


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How can you offer these benefits?

We have special partnerships with a number of hotel companies and the Virtuoso Network. Through these relationships, we can offer you all the benefits without any extra cost.

Are bookings on QX more expensive than when I book myself?

No. The rates are normally the 'flexible rates' (rates can can be canceled) that hotels have on their websites. This means you are paying the same price as everyone else, but you get our benefits. We don't take any fees from you for our service.

I don’t know yet where I want to go. Can you help me plan the trip?

Absolutely. Please start by answering a few questions and we will get back to you shortly. Start here.


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Why are there no prices on the website?

For a large number of hotel you can click the 'Book now' button to check the prices on Virtuoso. Please be aware that the prices displayed do not include tax. You can either click the 'Book' button to create an account and send the request to us or you can return to our website and send the request there. For all other hotels, we request the prices on a per request basis, as we use our special connection with the hotels. You can however check the hotel website and look for the 'flexible rate'. This will in most cases be the rate that we will offer you too.

Can I book online?

Unfortunately you are not able to book our hotels online at the moment, but you can see prices for about 1100 hotels when clicking the 'Book now' button. Otherwise, please fill out the request form on the Hotel page and we will send you an offer within 24 hours. There is no cost for you.

How does the booking process work?

Once you click the 'book now' button on a hotel page and filled out the necessary information, we will check the hotel availability and send you an e-mail with available rooms, your benefits and a cost breakdown. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the booking. If so, we will send you a credit card authorisation form to confirm the booking. You will then receive a booking confirmation from the hotel directly.
When you book online through Virtuoso, you will enter your payment information there and then you will receive the booking confirmation from the hotel.


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Will I be able to use my loyalty program for extra benefits and to collect points?

Yes. Bookings through us count as direct bookings. This means you are able to use your loyalty status for additional benefits and to collect points for your stay. Conrad and Waldorf Astoria for example offer double Hilton Honors points for your booking with us.

I couldn’t find my favourite hotel on the platform, what can I do?

We always try to add new properties to our platform. Please send us an e-mail an tell as which hotel(s) or resort(s) you would like to see on QX.